Keynote Session – Partha Lahiri

Chair: Jiming Jiang

Professor Partha Lahiri is a Professor in the Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM) and Department of Mathematics at the University of Maryland at College Park, USA. Prior to coming to Maryland, Professor Lahiri was the Milton Mohr Distinguished Professor of Statistics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Professor Lahiri’s research on small area estimation has been widely published in leading journals such as the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Annals of Statistics, Biometrika and Survey Methodology. Professor Lahiri has served on a number of advisory committees, including the U.S. Census Advisory committee and U.S. National Academy panel. Over the years Dr. Lahiri advised various local and international organizations such as the United Nations Development Program, World Bank, Gallup Organization. Professor Lahiri regularly teaches semester-long small area estimation course at JPSM. In addition, he offered short courses, workshops and a webinar on small area estimation in different countries. Professor Lahiri is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute.

Small Area Estimation with Linked Data

Due to advances in computing, government agencies can process administrative records and link them with sample survey and census records for statistical purposes in a fraction of time and costs required for field data collection.  The accessibility of different administrative data from different sources has brought new opportunities for statisticians to develop innovative small area […]

Discussant: Alan Welsh

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