Diagnostics and validation

Chair: Junni Zhang

Diagnostic and validation in a very important part of statistical data analysis when applying model based method. This section presents three contributions introducing Diagnostic and validation tools for area-level linear and nonlinear mixed models. The contributions contains applications to real data sets for illustrating the use of the proposed methodologies.

Some local diagnostics for the Fay-Herriot model

The increasing need of information leads to the production of survey estimates for domains (e.g., regions) of various sizes. Thus, within the same survey, domain sample sizes can range from a couple of units to more than thousand units. As direct estimators (Horvitz-Thompson or calibration estimators) suffer from a lack of precision in small domains, […]

A validation of 2011 population estimates for local authorities by ethnic groups in England using Generalised Structure Preserving Estimation (GSPREE) with multiple data sources

The Office for National Statistics is looking at using more administrative and survey data to produce typical census outputs, in an Administrative Data Census. However, survey data often have very small or null sample sizes within areas, and administrative data may not cover the entire population. The census will continue to be a detailed source […]

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